Monday, December 11, 2017

Tie-Dye Coloring

Western Christmas is quickly approaching (Ethiopian Christmas is January 7-it looks nothing like our Christmas). We love the kids in our pasture and have such a desire for them to know about the significance of the baby in a manger. Pray with us for open doors and opportunities and soft and understanding hearts. 

IMG 6476

A few girls came over to color. This is an easy way to bless and one many of you have contributed to by sending crayons and coloring books. The pictures that are colored are then used as wall coverings on the mud walls of their homes. 

IMG 6479

IMG 6481

I was so impressed by little Bete and the way she caught on to try and stay within the lines, though she has maybe held a crayon twice in her life. 

IMG 6482

The coloring style usually is usually a bit of a tie-dye approach. I think there may be a lack of understanding of the object being colored (though this wolf could be identified as a hyena). It’s a bright addition to any wall. :)

IMG 6489

Crack me up. It seems Miss T’s face is saying, “Wait, I thought I wasn’t supposed to put these in my mouth?”.

IMG 6494



Shari Fiechter said...

What a wonderful opportunity to pour out love on the neighbor kids! Your kiddos look so happy to participate as well. Win win!

Teresa said...

Such a great way to interact with the pasture children and include your own at the same time.