Monday, December 18, 2017

The Many Expressions of Tiger and T

Our first morning with the puppy, all four of the kids were intrigued but scared as she has a strong puppy desire to lick, nip and chew.  It turns out our puppy could not be sweeter or more laid-back with kids, but also, really, really sick. There is a vet in town who has given her shots the last 3 days, we hope she is on the mend!

Anyhow, Jon turned the camera from the puppy to babies as these two sat chumming in their jimmies and while trying to get a smile, here are some of the shots captured.

IMG 6441

A bit confused about the smiling part.

IMG 6444

Starting to warm up for the camera

IMG 6447

I love this one, especially because it shows the elusive teeth I can hardly ever capture in a photo!

IMG 6452

And then the snuggle. These two melt me! 

Currently, we are without internet unless we can hit a working wifi spot in our nearby town. (Timing power and wifi network isn’t easy). We are safe but please pray with us for peace in the country and wisdom as we move forward. 

Also, this Saturday, friends from another city are coming to visit and to do a drama about the true meaning of Christmas. Pray for this with us and the hearers are open and receptive. Please pray for protection and a distraction free time. 


Shari Fiechter said...

wow! Such a joy to find these pictures on a Monday morning! They are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Each and every post touches my heart!! Your precious children and babies just melt me!! So stinking adorable!! Thanks for taking time to share and post!! Miss and love you guys!!! Heidi Carrico

Teresa said...

Great photo's. Especially the "teeth" and "snuggles". SO SWEET! Praying!!! Love you!