Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feelin' The Love

We have had incredible support and have appreciated it so much!  From meals, to visitors, words of encouragement, cards, sweeping my kitchen floor, mixing bottles, throwing in loads of laundry, holding a screaming baby and staying late so I don't have to do bedtime/bathtime solo when Jon is working...we are so grateful! 
I am finally going to do a post on some of the visitors we have had pass through.  I have posted a few through various other posts and I have forgotten to get my camera out too many times, but here is a smattering of our visitors. Jon and I are suddenly very popular; however, I suspect ulterior motives... :)

Aunt Kris
Aunt Meika
Aunt Sarah and Paige
Charlie and Adia
Grandpa and Grandma F
Grandpa G
Grandma G.
Uncle Jay
Uncle Jeff
Tait did not know how he felt about Mommy holding a baby on her lap!
Trent and Jada
Miss T and her Mama visited.  Miss T has been with her forever family for one year and is from Mekele, the same region the girls are from. My girls love kids and I think Adia would have been content with Miss T for a long time!
She informed me that the girls' hair would get curly and look like hers. :)  That would be great!
Mitch and Amanda brought over Leigha and Max.  It has been good to have young kids in the house, so we can see where we still need to babyproof!
Haider and Bayan are frequent visitors and dear neighbors. Haider loves the girls and they love him!
Haider was embarrassed to give them kisses, now he loves all over them!
Denise and kiddos.  Yes, the headbands are big faves with the kids that come visit!

You may have noticed that the girls are in a lot of people's arms!  In our house, the girls are really comfortable and we have decided that, if they are in the right mood, visitors can hold them.  We stay in eyeshot/earshot and it has been going really well.


Kristen said...

such fun pics!

Jessica said...

I cannot get over how cute these little girls are...those eyes are soooo beautiful!! and those squeezable cheeks....I just wanna eat 'em!! Jessica F.

Janell said...

Amy, do you have an email for the other adoptive mom you posted on here? Her daughter's hair is gorgeous and the curls remind me of my Jada. Wondering about products. :) Shoot me an email if you have time. thanks! janellrink@gmail.com

Kim said...

Amy, I was thinking, too, that I love Miss T's hair! She's beautiful and looks so happy! I can't wait to see your little beauties again soon! : )

J Gutwein said...

The girls are so beautiful! Love, J