Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Longer Alone

Hi everyone!  I want to let you  know about an incredible upcoming event.  If you are in the Fort Wayne area (or even if you have to drive a couple of hours) come hear Stephanie Fast share her amazing story on May 21st.  The event is free and lifechanging.  It is very appropriate for children and I would encourage everyone to go.  Seriously.  Bring your neighbors, friends, enemies, kiddos and pastor.  This is also an incredible opportunity to invite someone to hear the Gospel in a fresh way. 

Stephanie was abandoned as a small child in Korea and was considered lowest of the low.  She survived years on her own and was adopted at the age of 9.

It is free, but you need to register at or just click the link in my side bar.  Also, check out LSM's blog for more info on Stephanie: You can get more details at either site. 

God is moving hearts mightily in the Fort Wayne area.  Come alongside this grassroots movement!  We would love to see you there!

No Longer Alone:
Gotcha Moments for Three More Families in Our Travel Group e
This is what I was waiting to share!  I was able to hold our girls and watch from the door of the guesthouse these many miracles.  Wow. 
With their permission, I share their joy with you...

Brian and Mabel receive Merette

Scott, Susan and sons

Pat, Erin and daughters

The girls were a little scared, but warmed up with the love of their Forever Mommy and Daddy.
(I am sitting in the background with the girls, watching this all unfold)

And a few more of us receiving the girls

My heart rejoices how God sets the lonely in families!
Psalm 68:5

No longer alone...


Weaver said...

I loved seeing the pictures of the children meeting their families; it's inspiring and continues to remind me how Good God is; always; eternally. We are all one big family; your girls are thriving; you and Jon are blessed. So excited for all our families IAG and others too.

Sarah said...

Whoa, now this post got me crying!

Thanks for sharing!

Minders said...

I'm with Sarah - TEARS! My heart is overwhelmed by the love you see in these pictures - God is SO good! Praise HIM that there are 7 less orphans.

Amber said...

definately tears in the eyes. And praying for many more gotcha moments.

Sandra said...

so many tears come when I read your posts...its definitely a tender spot in my heart seeing these little kids find their forever parents. I absolutely love it!!
Thanks for sharing these gotcha moments.

Justin & Sarah said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these precious moments!

LauraZ said...


Just found your blog! I am in Fort Wayne and we are adopting a sibling pair, under 4 yoa from Ethiopia. We are still waiting for our referral. Would love to chat or meet you sometime. Thanks for sharing from your heart, it is beautiful. Blessings, Laura Z.

Kim said...

Great pictures! It was SO good to spend time with you and the girls today!! You are a very blessed Mama, and they are very blessed little girls! I think I can tell them apart now...even in some of the pictures. : )

Carissa said...

Hallelujah! Each picture is a testimony of God's faithfulness! Praise Him!!! Thanks, Amy. You made my day.