Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Summer Full of Firsts...

Jon and I both love to be outside and we have discovered our babies do as well! We are enjoying this week of Summer weather and have been outside, a lot. 

Jada is my hot child.  She sweats easily and makes me sweat as she radiates heat. She has been spending a lot of time in her diaper.  I think kids should only wear diapers in the Summer, but then everyone calls them "little guys" and "your boys". 

The sidewalks in front of our house have been getting torn out and replaced all down our street.  This has given the girls hours of pleasurable watching as their has been action. I guess there is a plus to all the jackhammer noises!

It seems like every day we are introducing a new first or they are doing something new for the first time.

The other night before bedtime, we decided it was time to experience the grass!
"Ads, are you there?"
Jada and Adia started sitting up a few days ago.  They only last a few seconds but they get so proud of themselves!  Jada is big stuff!
Adia follows suit.

Following is a sequence of both girls sitting up.  Jada on the left, Adia on the right.
I know I shouldn't laugh when they fall, but this was too funny!

Jada was done after the face-first fall...
Feeling much better on top of Adia...
Adia could have played on the grass for a very long time.

Since the girls have been with us, the caffeine has been freely flowing.  No, not for them, but for Jon and I.  Jada and Adia are convinced they need sips. Someone did teach them how to drink out of a cup and we have been giving them water.  Jon found a way to appease their begging for soda.
After they suck on the can and you pull it away, they are totally satisfied.  Oh, what will we do the day they realize we are cheating?  :)


Minders said...

The face plant picture is hilarious! Those girls are so cute!!

David and Larisa said...

Yes, well, Yikealo came home from Ethiopia VERY familiar with "bunna" and coffee ceremonies, so he'd obviously been getting his share of caffeine over there!

Your girls are just so beautiful - I love all of the new photos. Keep them coming!

Nathan and Rachel said...

Amy--such cute pictures!!! In the pictures the girls look so happy and content:) They are adorable.

Sarah said...

that picture with the can of pop is to hilarious for words =)

Sarah S.

Joy said...

Thats great! I just posted yesterday about Jayla's first time discovering grass. She wanted to eat it:)

Todd and Teresa said...

I like the action shots of slowly falling over. Each stage of development is so fun!

T and M said...

looking at these pics i was realizing how great it is that the girls have each other ( :