Friday, May 14, 2010

Six Months Old

Happy Friday!
This is what the girls did while I finally put laundry away yesterday.  I wish they wouldn't get so serious for the camera, they had some big smiles going on!

Our babies our 6 months old today!  I can't believe it.  We have only been together for 26 days of all those months. 
Jada chills in the "jenny jump up"

The girls continually amaze us.  They are learning knew things everyday and surprise us with their new "tricks".

26 days ago, we loved the girls, but now, we LOVE the girls.  I can't really imagine every loving anyone more.  God is so amazing.  I think of Romans 5:5 and realize that any love I have for anyone, comes directly from God. 

The girls have been so settled this week.  I realize that they are settling in, but also, we are learning about them, how to respond to them, what their shrieks, sighs and cries convey.
They have been stranging a little bit in the evenings during their fussy time. I am finally learning to do two bottles at once. 

After 26 days, I have learned that in some ways, these girls are just like their Mama.
They both do great when they are well-rested and well-fed.
Jon has learned that I need my sleep and my food!
  Also, I tend to drool a little bit during naps...It looks like Jada drools too, maybe more than a little bit! Her drool spot is as big as her head!

Hopefully I can get on the ball and take some six month pictures today! Yay for sunny weather, we will reintroduce ourselves to the stroller!


Sandra said...

I love the picture of you feeding your girls. I really can't imagine feeding two at a time!! Your hands are full for sure.
I like the Purdue blanket the girls are laying on:)
6 months....amazing how they grow and the next 6 months will fly by too....soon they will be walking around and talking. Oh so precious!!!

Wee said...

Even though you have only had them 26 days, I think the eye contact that they maintain with you is absolutely amazing, and totally a God thing! I noticed it even on Sunday. Another great post and love all the pics!

David and Larisa said...

They are just so gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean about your LOVE for them - and knowing that you could never love someone MORE than you do them. Aren't you just continually amazed by God's goodness and what He has done in your lives?

Jennifer M said...

Happy six months to two beautiful girls!

Love the love versus LOVE. So true!