Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yay for Long Naps and Solid Foods!

Thank you!  Your advice, suggestions and comments were very helpful.   Most importantly, I believe your prayers changed the girls' sleeping.  As soon as I finished Friday morning's post, I proceeded to put Jada down for a nap and she slept for 3 HOURS!  Adia slept for two!  So, thank you for praying my babies to sleep!  :) We are still praying through our plan on how we are going to work with the girls' fussiness, how much crying should go on, etc, but we have the recommended book on order and are greatly encouraged!

Saturday the girls did really well too!  On Sunday, they started off strong. They laid down for morning naps, so Jon went to SS and I brought the girls to church at lunch time.  In the first part of second service, Adia FREAKS out.  She screamed her frantic scream (which is like her sad, mad, hungry, tired scream all rolled into one ear-piercing shriek).  Sigh.  We had to leave before the service was over.  Poor child.  We decided this afternoon that we need to be more intentional and frequent in taking them into small, quiet rooms and pouring lots of attention and eye contact into them during public events.

Dun, dun, dun DUUUN...Solid Foods!
Our girls have seemed ready for solid foods for awhile now. They watch every bite that goes in our mouth and nearly go crazy when they see a cup.  (Someone in the care center taught them how to drink out of a cup and they do really amazing at it).The other day, I got out spoons so they could become familiar with their feel...
They loved the spoons, but still, we  needed to wait for their systems to totally regulate to 100% Enfamil Gentlease.  I was also waiting for them to be in good moods before a feeding.  This ended up being a little difficult as I would have one in a good mood that was ready to eat, but one really tired baby that would have made the experience stressful.  So, finally, Saturday morning Jon was around and it was go time!

We mixed rice cereal with their formula...

I hadn't thought about it for my early-riser, Adia, so Jada was the first to try it. I am going to have to use sequential pictures here b/c it was hilarious.

She would immediately spit the cereal up, but then had a great time, lapping it all up off her plastic bib.  So stinkin' cute!

Adia followed after her GREAT morning nap...

Adia, like Jada, decided that in the end, she would rather eat of her bib.

Jada woke up, joined the party and swallowed a lot more her second feeding!
It is so fun to watch them grow and learn!  So many experiences are first and because they are so expressive, you can almost see the learning happening!


David and Larisa said...

So glad that it's going better for you - and those pictures are way too cute! They made us giggle!

Justin & Sarah said...

I love it!! I love them!!!!! How sweet... Thank you for posting those pics. They were hilarious! I am so glad to hear that their sleeping is getting better. Thank God for His goodness and grace. :) Love you guys!!!

Jill said...

The crying in public sounds so familar. Hope was stressed the whole first year when we went to church. Your plan of eye contact and taking them off to quietness sound good. She is much better now. Glad sleeping is going better :-) They are SO cute!!!!

Julia said...

Oh I'm so glad you are having (or maybe had by now) a few nice days of naps!! It makes the BIGGEST difference in them and you!! The crying in church...although we didn't have the exact situation, it's most likely because we do not live close to any family. That means we didn't know alot of people so we had very few people trying to "take" them from us. There were lots of times I wished we had though :)

You are doing great I always try to mention....the fact you are aware of it and the posible causes is so wise. Doesn't mean it's always the reason but you are smart to consider it. I remember it was probably weeks before our twins saw our entire house. We don't have a mansion at all, but it seemed with each new room Sofia kinds "shut down".

I have another box of clothes almost ready to send your way. I was thinking though....are your twins going to be the wrong age/size? Since my girls have July birthdays....hmmm...depends how your little angels grow!!!