Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frills and Flowers

Some have asked about where I get the girls' headbands. My sister-in-law, Sarah, (you see her adorable son and daughter on the blog, little Paige usually has in beautiful flowers) set us up with a great many flowers and headbands, my girls are still growing into those, but we are oh so close!  We also got some from a friend who has The girls have worn several different kinds, but I would like to spotlight Frills and Flowers.

You can visit her shop at:

The headbands are great quality and lightweight. People are surprised the girls keep them on.  They really don't seem to notice they are wearing these.
However, they do notice each other's...:)
Mousey Mom makes them all custom and you can order one you like from her online shop, or send her a specific outfit you want to match, or a description and she will make you a custom headband.  I know she has made wedding pieces for little girls as well.

Here is a sampling of other headbands she has designed, just for the girls...

And this picture is just for Aunt Kris, Jada rocked the shoes on Sunday!

The girls got their vaccines today...Jada keeps waking up from her nap, yelling and then falling back asleep...It could be a long night?


Minders said...

So cute! I love BIG flowers! I am excited to eventually get some for our little girl!

btw - we're overnighting our dossier today!!!!

Miranda said...

Hi Amy! I'm pretty sure we've never met in person but we have mutual friends which is how I found your blog. I think maybe it was through Mindy Anlikers blog. Anyway! :) I just had to say that those headbands are adorable and so are your precious daughters! That second picture on today's post is just too cute.

I'll be praying for you that those vaccinations don't make it too difficult tonight. We have 3 kids of our own so we have been there - just never with 2 at once! :)
Miranda Virkler

Kristen said...

Ahh! They are so cute and I miss them! I can't wait to get my hands on them!!! Hopefully next weekend?!

Mouseymom said...

Thank you Amy! Your cuties make my headbands look darling!! For anyone interested, come join Frills and Flowers Facebook page for lots of pictures, ideas and GIVE-AWAYS!

Carissa said...

Thanks for the headband sources. I always wonder where people get such cute headbands. They look so cute on the girls! I pray that the vaccinations will be a quickly-passing thing! Gia still needs hers and I've been putting it off. Enjoy your day!