Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Public Kiddie Pool-Take Two

Yes, we tried again. Saturday, Jon thought we should give it a shot. We had gotten a floatie from Sarah and things went GREAT! We didn't get great pictures, but they just chilled in the floatie...Definitely going to get another one before the lakes!

Jon was a great sport and was the only husband in the kiddie pool. Props to him. Especially when it came time to de-diaper babies. He chose Adia, who had pooped in her swim diaper. I took Jada about 15 feet away in the shade and I hear Jon say, "Umm, we have a situation." I turned to look, just as every other mother in the kiddie pool area did and saw poop being flung on the sidewalk, Adia's leg, the beach towel, eww, eww, eww. I started to laugh and tried to get ahold of myself to help Jon out. "How do you get these things off without turning them inside out?" He claims that he was not flinging poop, rather, the diaper was flinging poop. :) We had to wash down the area where we were and left with our dry, diapered babies. :)

At least we are making memories wherever we go. ;)


Nathan and Rachel said...

Hey Amy! That is a really funny story:) Poor Jon! (did you know that swim diapers tear down the side? so you don't have to pull them down like a pullup--you can just rip each side and they come off sooooo much easier! esp for a poopy diaper!) Also, I think we have a floatie pretty much just like the one you guys used, if you would want to borrow it. We won't need it. Unless you want to invest in your own--just let us know:)

Minders said...

LOL - oh my! I love your attitude in your adventures!

Jon y Amy said...


I would love to borrow your floatie if you don't need it for the next few weeks!

That would be awesome. Also, I totally didn't know you could rip the diapers. Nice. I will have to try it. :)

Amber said...


As I catch up here and then on how it's been going, I have to say I have loved how much you guys keep "living" life with twins.

I think with two babies, it's easy to have it be more of a process (overwhelming to consider) or to stay home . . .and you go stir crazy that way. Not to mention the more you do it, the better everyone gets at it.

So just had to say I think you guys are doing great and the girls are just beautiful. My guess is one of the these days we'll get to introduce our girls in person since we'll probably be visiting Leo more . . .: )

Justin & Sarah said...

LOL!! Oh, you guys are so cute!!! Ditto on the above - swim diapers come off so much easier when ripping the seam(s) on the side(s.) So glad that the girls are enjoying the floaty! I only wish it was more girly in color. Oh well. At least they are happy right? :) Can't wait to see your sweet, wonderful family at the lake!!!! Kisses and hugs from all of us! :)

Justin & Sarah said...

BTW, I just found out from Laura P. that you can wash swim diapers and reuse them! (Wet ones that is, not poopy.) Not sure if you want to attempt that with your full plate, but hey a penny saved... :)