Thursday, July 1, 2010

Work Mode

As we waited for Dadadadadada to get home from work, I put the girls out in the grass.  As you have already seen, Adia is quite the fan of the grass and does about anything to get to it, Jada has been more nonchalant about the grass experience. 

Until now. 
Jada starts on the grass, pleasantly surprised how much she likes it.
Adia is delighted to be back with her favorite toy!
Jada watches Adia get to work.
Jada decides, hey, this isn't so hard, (Adia is delighted in her apprentice...)
But then, Jada switched into "work mode" this glazed over look when all she could see was the job in front of her. (Notice both hands).  Adia is like me bothering Jon when he is in his "work mode". ;)
Jada doesn't mess around!
I mean, I am talking FOCUS that would even put her Dadadadadada to shame
All in a day's work.


erica said...

so so cute! your girls are absolutely gorgeous! we are in the process of adopting from ethiopia and love reading your posts - they make us anxious for our own child(ren)! - erica

Joy said...

Love those pictures!! Isn't this age super fun?:)

Susie said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!
Love ya,

L, An and boys said...

hee heee =)

Justin & Sarah said...

I just love watching how they interact!! Being twins has and will continue to be such a blessing!!! And as always I enjoy your mad blogging skills! :) XXXOOO to the girls!

Sandra said...

i love adia's facial expression in the second to last picture:). Bitting her lip almost like she might be keeping back some words for her sister:)
Great post as usual!!

Jennifer M said...

I just love how your girls are growing in every single post! They are just thriving in every way.

Heidi said...

Just got your package this morning .. thank you! I LOVE THE announcement sooo cute!!! how did you do them? So thankful for you and hope we keep in touch for the years to come! I would be ok with an arranged marriage:) we can them it's an Ethiopian thing..haha The girls are getting so big and so hard to tell them a part now..

Wee said...

So cute! Amy, you do a fantastic job of capturing their facial expressions, etc. Keep it up!