Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Vacation...

So, we are still on our vacation (a work-cation for Jon).

We are having a great time and the girls have adjusted marvelously. 

Let me describe this lake experience to you. 

13 boy cousins, 3 girls cousins
add on top of this, aunts, uncles, grandparents and a lot of wild ideas.
Jada and Adia are the first babies in 14 years.

I am scared we are going to get home and have three spoiled rotten girls.  Yes, three.

I haven't had to carry two babies very often.  If I am in need of a break, I find someone and pass off the girls.  They are getting very used to being the center of attention and entertained and held. I am getting used to having breaks!

I can't get another picture in right now, so for your viewing pleasure, here is what Adia thinks of her lifejacket. :)

An update on the computers and the theft: We now have new computers. I am still sad for irreplaceable things that we have lost, but so glad for insurance coming through.  Praise the Lord!

Oh, by the way, so far three of my readers are going to get Christmas Cards b/c I only have gotten your addresses!  (If I have your address easily accessible in a directory, you are off the hook).  :)


Nathan and Rachel said...

i can't wait to see vacation pics! oh, and by the way, i had some residents with me up in your town today...we saw all the sculptures and they are lifelike! so lifelike, in fact, that one of them distracted me and caused me to run a red light! yikes, praise God no one was coming!

T and M said...

Amy, i understand the post-vacation blahs when you realize that it is just you and baby at home (or babies, in your case) and there is no one to take the kiddos because you want to finish your good book! That will be me next week ( : Glad insurance is coming through and hope your laptop problems keep resolving. That's great the girls have adjusted so well to sleeping in a strange place!