Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Wonderful Gift...

We are back from our quick trip to Mexico and had a great time.  We were able to reconnect with staff, church and kids and are sooo thankful we had the opportunity for the whirwind trip. 

A few photos of our time...

We were staying in the house where I used to live and were so blessed to have so much time with the kids.  On Friday, a little newborn boy, with no name, was brought to begin his life at CVE. 

He was named Josias, was premature and weighs in at a little above three pounds. This is what Adia weighed in the first pictures we saw of her!  
Steph and I giving him his first bath.  He hated it and cried, but we were so glad to hear those little lungs working!
After his bath, he went downhill, possibly from the energy exerted during the crying? 
Steph and Jodi could use our prayers, they each currently were taking care of children and now Josias as well. (I kept calling him a Glow Worm, because when he was all swaddled, that is exactly how he looked!)
This is our last night with him, we put him in a cookie basket to show how small he is!  He is looking like a different boy than the child who arrived on Friday! His face is fuller and his coloring is more rosy. 

Jon and I were so incredibly blessed to help with him.  During our "shifts" with him, we would talk about how we were getting the opportunity to know the work that Jada and Adia had been when they arrived at the care center in Mekele and realized the nannies possibly looked at them and thought, "what if they die?"

When I first saw Josias, I didn't cry.  When I first held Josias, I couldn't hold back the tears.  When you feel the weight of three pounds in your arms and then look at how intricately he was created, it is so humbling to realize the plans Our Creator has for Josias, for Jada and Adia, for each one of us!   


Kristen said...

Ames, wow! he is alarmingly small! I'm glad to hear that he is doing better and really glad that you were there when he came. Talk to you soon, I hope!

Love ya,

Todd and Teresa said...

What an experience for you. We will pray that Josias can grow, become stronger each day, have healthy lungs, that his caregivers will have the strength they need each day to care for him....the list could go on and on.
Glad you are back safely! Love you!

AndresnVero said...

Oh my! Well, I can't stop the tears. Josias' aspect is so sad... I'm so thankful that Josias arrived to CVE!!! I just can't believe some mothers.

AndresnVero said...

oh... and I'm excited about you guys adopting. What a challenge, twins! Amy, you'll be a great mother! congrats!

Jarrin said...

i was JUST thinking/praying for this little guy last night. it's been almost a year since he was here - WOW. :-]