Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Has Been A Big Year

I saw this great idea on Sarah’s blog.  She posted her top 12 pictures from 2010 and suggested others do the same.

I went back and tried to pick twelve pictures.  I can’t do it! 

So, I think I will start a little mini-series on “A Year Ago Today”.

One Year Ago Today…

(I will go through the weekend’s experience from a year ago as I won’t blog over the weekend)


I think we were a lot goofier last year…


Maybe because we had more free time, lots of time to build mini-Egypts with kids and new friends on the beach (notice our sphinx in front, pyramids in the back)


Jon and I were expecting.  :) 

We were expecting an Ethiopian toddler boy to join our family by Christmas 2010, possibly sooner.  I had him envisioned, fat little cheeks, a full head of curly hair, a toothy grin.

As we talked to agencies we gathered: “A majority of people want girls, so wait time is a lot shorter if you are open to a boy. Oh, and most people want young infants, so the more flexible your age is, the sooner you can get a child.  Twins? “We don’t even let families wait for twins because they are so rare that someone would be on the list for years”. 

That’s fine!  A toddler boy would be perfect for us, we know God will give us the grace we need! We just ache to move forward with the path God has laid in front of us! 

We hadn’t started a blog…I wasn’t sure what to say. My heart HUNGERED for this little boy to join our family. How could such a love have grown inside me for a child with no name, no history, no face, only a concept?

A year ago today, God had been moving mightily in our hearts, causing a stir and causing us to feel a need to bring home two children with our first adoption. We tossed ideas around but knew that immigration had approved us for 0-18 months and the chance of siblings under 18 months was nearly impossible.

A year ago on Sunday, we sat in a church in Alabama and heard a man share how praying in faith had healed his body of cancer. Our hearts were moved by his faith and the faith of his community.

You all know what happens next so it is a little anti-climatic.  I just want to recount what God has done.

2010 has been a big year. 

I stand amazed and completely humbled at the sovereign goodness of God.


Kristi said...

I am moved to tears. Our God is good.

A year ago today, Jeremy and I were waiting in faith, praying for the woman who wouldn't raise the child growing inside of her. Praying, selfishly, that she would care for that child as much as she could while she could.

I just KNEW that our first child was going to be a boy... hopefully with big red curls, but I wasn't picky, the curls could be any color. :) But God had someone even CUTER and much more PRECIOUS in mind for us!

What a blessing it has been to watch your family as He continues to mold each one of you! (Someday, I hope you get your little boy, but I am soooo in love with your Littles. Man. I just smile thinking about their hearts!)

Q said...

Oh Amy - I too, am moved to tears. I look at this ache inside of me for the orphan. This hunger to care for those who have noone to care for them. My mind tells me that it can't happen. There are too many negatives. I already have a big family. Andy isn't on board, there is no way we could afford it, and the list goes on and on. But - Our God is an AWESOME God. Thank you for this post. - Suzy

P.S. Give those sweet, precious bundles of lovin' some kisses from us.

Alison said...

So amazing!! Had no idea that ya'll were waiting on a little BOY!!! Can't wait to read the rest of the story...

mamamargie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing! I love to read how God has worked in others' lives. Gives me a little more courage to step out and let Him work again in ours. We are thinking/praying about doing our first international adoption. The mountains seem so huge and, honestly, I'm a little intimidated. So, thanks for sharing... :)