Friday, November 11, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

This is Aunt Kris updating the blog today. Jon and Amy are flying home today, so please pray for their safe travels. I'll be picking them up at the airport later and I'm sure they will be anxious to go see their precious little girls!

Thanks to all who prayed for me, Steph, and my mom this past week and a half as we took care of the Littles. They did great for me and mom says they are still doing great. They asked about "Mama-Daddy" (they like to make it one word), but never got too sad. I would say something like, "You know where they are at. Where are they?" To which one would respond "Africa!" I wish I could make you hear it like they said it because it was adorable. Then I would say, "And what are they going to do?" And one would say "back!" Yes, Mama and Daddy are coming back.

An alternate title for this post could be "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart." Just when I think I can't possibly love the Littles any more, they go and and steal another little bit of my heart. Their mischevious grins and spontaneous snuggles just make me want to squeeze them in my arms and keep them forever. While my 3.5 days with the girls gave me a glimpse into the exhaustion of motherhood, it also gave me a new glimpse of the joys. Friday night I was exhausted, irritable and unsure how I would survive the next two days. But by Sunday night, the thought of leaving them was painful. They just crawled deeper into my heart!

Ok, I realize I'm using too many words and need more pictures, so here are a couple from the weekend.

At the library playing on the computer and most importantly - getting out of the house!

These next two pics are from my iPhone and for some reason my computer won't let me rotate them. :( But, I love them because these girls are so sweet in the mornings and this shows the Littles sweet and funny personalities.

This next pic isn't the greatest, but if you look closely, you can see the girls are wearing Elmo slippers. Nick came to help me on Saturday and Sunday and came with these gifts. The girls loved them and began calling them "Elmo feet." So cute and such a good idea! This guy is good at bribery. :)

Finally - a humorous story from the swings. You know how you warn your young children not to walk in front of the swings because they might get hit? Maybe we should start warning adults too. I was talking with my brother while Little J was swinging and when I turned around to give her a push, I was promptly smacked in the face by her swing. This was followed quickly by a bloody lip and then it swelled up nicely. :) Oops!

Thanks again for your prayers for the Littles, Jon and Amy, and all the babysitters! They have been felt and appreciated!


Kristi said...

Kris, you are a fantastic substitute blog author. I smiled and nodded as I read... :)
We certainly prayed for all of you and are so thankful it went well!
If you'll blog your cell number, I'll call next time Jeremy and I need a babysitter for 3.5 days... now that you are so experienced.

Alison said...

Sounds like ya'll have had so much fun!!!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Great Post Kristen!