Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We have been learning much.  
We have received a warm welcome, lots of love and smiles.

Can you find the foringe (foreigner)?  ;)  The largest game of "Follow The Leader" I have ever been in. I actually had to stay moving or be mobbed.  I was so out of breath but kept hopping, skipping and spinning around to stay ahead.
Children waiting on a donkey cart for their siblings to get done with school.  
It doesn't matter what language you speak, boys love to flex their muscles.

Our minds are full of lessons, reflections and things we have learned.

Although Jon and I can't wait to get The Littles in our arms, Our trip has been blessed and it is nearing a close.  We have felt your prayers and are deeply humbled by them.  

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Justin & Sarah said...

Oh wow Amy!! I love these pics, as they give me a visual of what I have been wondering all week. :) I am so thankful for prayers being answered. Again, I cannot wait to hear more!!