Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Celebrated All Day Long.

While i was gone, the littles kindly removed the shift keys off my laptop.  both of them.  grr. so frustrating to type and since i have already sent multiple e-mails, my tolerance for trying the same letter five times is completely gone, so here is my apology about a post without capitalization.

we celebrated the littles birthday yesterday, in a lot of small ways, but by lunch time they were singing, “happy birthday to you”.

thanks to my friend heidi’s idea, i went in the girls’ room and recorded them waking up.  sadly, they were GRUMPY and started fighting over the pink book, literally wrestling for it with shrieks.  yeah, they will love that video later. :)


little a licks a beater after watching how we made the cake.


a tea party with daddy in the tent.


during the tea party, little a put her hand on her chin and while stroking it said, ”hmm, maybe.”



the littles each got a baby doll with natural ethnic hair. they were fascinated, studying her from every angle and then little j proclaimed, “little j hair!”.


cupcakes! they waited all day for these.  little a would walk up to where i had the cupcakes and say, “later, mama, later.”


it was such a fun day.  i love birthdays.


Betsy said...

That doll is great! Glad they had a fun birthday!

Mindy said...

So fun!! Happy Birthday A & J!!!

What dolls did you get them? I need to keep notes on this stuff! :)

T and M said...

i love the girls' expressions with the cupcakes. The tea party sounds really fun. I bet they are going to be asking for more tea parties soon!

Wee said...

Happy Birthday, J & A! Loved seeing pictures of your tea party with Daddy and your yummy cupcakes!