Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow Bunnies

Yes!  Bathtime!  That means I can grab Jon's computer and catch up on all your lives as he graciously handles this part of the day!  ;)

My computer is still at the shop with an unknown virus. I have spent the majority of the week without a computer or a vehicle (Jon is transitioning out of his current job). I have been calling and putting pressure on the technician, to let him know, I am serious about getting this issue resolved. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hi, this is Amy again. How are you doing?
Lloyd: Fine.
Me: Oh, great.  So, how is my computer looking?
Lloyd: We are working on getting the virus cleaned off your hard drive.
Me: Okay, does it look like it caused damage?
Lloyd: Too early to fully tell.
Me: Okay. Well, what would be your guess on time frame of when I could come pick it up?
Lloyd: Hard to tell, maybe tomorrow or after, depending.

That Lloyd, I am sure he is good at his job but is not much for details.  :)  I will just snag Jon's computer when I can and frantically communicate with the outside world.  

We did play outside on this warm afternoon!  This mama is not a fan of being cold, so I know I have to take advantage of every nice day.  The Littles LOVED the snow. As in, couldn't get enough and mama was begging to go in and maybe evening bribing with promises of hot chocolate, popcorn and raisins.

Hope you all enjoyed the first snow!

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Simply, Adorable!!!

bash <><