Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prayers For A Growing Family

Meet Jeff and Sarah.  They have two daughters, Shiloh and Selah.

Edited IMG_5493_edited-2

God has blessed them with another son, Joah, who is in Ethiopia.


And then God blessed them some more and they are pregnant. SURPRISE!


(Jeff and Sarah with Joah at their court date)

Sarah leaves with a friend from church on Friday to bring home Joah.  Their embassy date is on September 24th. They could really use our prayers. In the words of Sarah on prayer points, “safe travels, no major problems with paperwork or the embassy (our actual interview is Monday the 24th at 9am) and finally my morning sickness due to pregnancy has been a raging beast, so please pray that I can get through this trip without feeling liking I'm dying :-)”.

Let’s lift the whole family in prayer over the next week!

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Sarah said...

Will be praying, Jeff and Sarah!

Congrats and CONGRATS!