Thursday, September 20, 2012

More In The Minivan Stage

I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything, in large part due to all the deep relationships forged, I have another set of sisters! Oh, sometimes I miss the dear PYG with all it’s time for laughter, growth and long hashing sessions!

Now, we are well past the college age and more in the minivan stage but can still get together old roomies and pour out our hearts.

Some of our clans had a little reunion.

Shane & Stef 049

Here are our kiddos (seventh on the way!)


Flashback photo from our last get together.

 Shane & Stef 066 Shane & Stef 068

It’s fun to think about them all being in some college group together someday!

Shane & Stef 014

Reeve was a puppy on the bike ride, with the wind blowing through his hair.

Shane & Stef 079

Sweet Beckham

Shane & Stef 022

Gavin’s triumphant position after he scores a goal.

Shane & Stef 056

Group hug!

Shane & Stef 032

Finally, a kids table!  YAY!

Shane & Stef 071

So much fun! Who knows how many kids will be in the next picture?!? :)


leah said...

Very fun! Neat to see the pyg stay strong! :)

Mindy said...

So fun!!

L, Ann and boys said...

awwww...super fun. =)

Jess said...

so totally wish i was sitting on that couch with y'all and liam! love that pyg!!

Heather Hoerr said...

fun post Ames! I had intentions of posting those two couch pics on my blog but haven't gotten around to it... maybe I'll just link to yours :) Beck was such a ball of chub the last time we got together!! so good seeing you guys and can't wait for our next get together... and to see how many more kiddos there will be :) :)