Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quarters In The Straw

We had our first preschool field trip. The location was beautiful, the group was great but The Littles were boogers and very uncooperative so most of the time, my arms were full of girl and didn’t have a chance to get out the camera. Sigh, oh well, we at least soaked in the sunshiny day.


Exhibit A.  Fun wagon ride being pulled by mules and The Littles were so bugged by EVERYTHING and I was so bugged by them. ;)

Fun Fall Weekends! 078

Fun Fall Weekends! 095

Fun Fall Weekends! 098 Fun Fall Weekends! 110

Such a cute idea, after they thrashed a large pile of straw, the kids gathered around and watched as a worker threw quarters in and then the kids dug through the straw to find them.

Fun Fall Weekends! 111 

One of the organizers held back some quarters to help the younger kids around the perimeter.  The Littles thought they were big stuff when they found “monies”.

Fun Fall Weekends! 126

T, for the record, I thought you won the straw fight. ;)


We are loving preschool co-op!

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T and M said...

This was a fun field trip! Could i have the pic of T & t & j in the straw? glad you & the girls could come! Tait asked me last week when he could visit your girls' house ( :