Monday, September 24, 2012

Parade Love

The Littles think that parades are one of the best ideas ever.  During fair week, we hadn’t gone in yet and I saw there was a parade on the schedule for the evening. 

Perfect. We picked up Mimi and heading for the hoopla.

Fun Fall Weekends! 013

Yes, they were just a little excited…

Fun Fall Weekends! 033

We enjoyed a picnic on the street and The Littles loved being introduced to corn dogs, but they did not like the “nail” through the center. They asked if next time we could buy them cold corn dogs so they wouldn’t have to blow on them.

Fun Fall Weekends! 039

The parade began and The Littles assumed the parade position.

Fun Fall Weekends! 044

About 15 minutes in after the sugar high is in effect, tootsie rolls oozing between their teeth.

Fun Fall Weekends! 053

Cheering Trent through the parade!

Fun Fall Weekends! 056

Showing Mimi their good fortune and still in disbelief that all they have to do is stand there and people give them candy.

Fun Fall Weekends! 059

Three prizes and one meltdown at the Mouse Game later…

Fun Fall Weekends! 064

Not sure if life could get any sweeter (or stickier :)) than this.


Kristen Hoerr said...

I just LOVE these two! And you and Jon and Mimi, of course! Wish I could have enjoyed the fair with you guys - looks like a blast.

T and M said...

what great family time! parades are definitely twice as fun ( at least) with kiddos ( :