Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday Shopping

The Littles and Mama went shopping for Daddio’s birthday.  We hit up Dollar Tree and they each got a basket and instructions to pick out three things that they thought Jon would like for his birthday.

Nature Bracelets 007

They were drawn in by a display of “magic towels” and each chose a dish cloth for Daddy, one with a fairy, the other with Minnie Mouse.

Nature Bracelets 013

The Littles took their job seriously, examining, smelling soaps, digging through bins.

Nature Bracelets 016

I think they could have spent hours there. Daddio received two dish cloths, a princess coloring book, a pink gushy thing (in Little J’s hand), gum balls and suckers.

Happy Monday!


Q said...

What lovely gifts, everything a Daddio would want. Such fun with Littles!

T and M said...

fun idea ( : I'm excited to try out the nature bracelet idea with my kiddos too!