Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Were You Praying?

As we plan our travels, I can feel apprehensive how The Littles are going to handle the shuffle from different houses, meetings and groups. Last week, we had a three day blitz and connected with so many friends and The Littles flexed and stretched way beyond expectation.

Illinois RDM 007

Possibly in part because of the many new dress up boxes…


Sweet older cousins who devote their energy to playing whatever they want…

Illinois RDM 022

and new activities…

Illinois RDM 031

Illinois RDM 082

and kids…

Illinois RDM 088

(Welcome home Baby A.  So blessed to see you with your family!)

Illinois RDM 107

and cousins…

Illinois RDM 116 Illinois RDM 133

This is after wrangling the 4 kiddos in a restaurant for 2 1/2 hours.

While we had a wonderful time connecting with the adults, they joyfully transitioned and made new friends, which in our household IS A BIG DEAL.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Mindy said...

So fun to be with you!! Glad the Littles did so well with all the activities! That just means you'll have to come back and visit us again! :)