Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nature Bracelets

BSF is amazing and I would recommend it for at least 1382 reasons but especially the kids’ program! 

Today in the kids’ notes, there was a great idea to use on a beautiful day.

Secure masking tape, sticky side out on the wrist.

Nature Bracelets 022

Then, as your littles find something that interests them, stick it!

Nature Bracelets 024

Such fun bracelets!

Nature Bracelets 045

Nature Bracelets 049

The finished results: Mama’s, Little J’s, Little A’s.


Sandra said...

Today is suppose to be really nice out and I AM TOTALLY STEALING THIS IDEA!! Liam and I will be out enjoying the weather and finding nature items that spark our interest. Thanks!!!
I loved BSF for many reasons too when I did it in TN.

Ashton said...

I'm also in BSF this year and thought this was such a great idea! I'm glad the weather is cooperating so nicely.:)

L, Ann and boys said...

very cute idea. :)