Monday, October 22, 2012

Now He’s A Lumberjack

Jon seems to have unbounding energy and dreams for life. One that he jokes about has become a reality Jon will most likely work at with a woodmill in Ethiopia. He has always wanted to be a lumberjack (and I thought he was joking…but no…he’s legit). :)

Wood Mizer is an Indianapolis based company and Jon was able to train with a technician.

Indy 103 Indy 105

Jon, pre-training.  Just a wee bit excited and sporting a touch of plaid. (Yes, the emotion and use of props in these pictures may be slightly exaggerated).

While Daddio trained, Mama and The Littles got to live it up with Nick and Kristen!

Indy 100

We traveled around the world at the Children’s Museum.

Indy 113

Indy 124

Indy 134

Indy 140 Indy 174

All of this training and traveling has it’s advantages.  Nick and Kris, so FANTABULOUS to be with you!

Now, I best be off to see if I can make the honey some flapjacks.


Rachel said...

Looks fun...and wow, Amy...4:46 am! You are a true proverbs 31 woman!

Mindy said...

I don't know, from the way Jon talked about being a lumberjack at our house, I'd say those first two pictures seem pretty spot on with his excitement level. :)

Kristen Hoerr said...

and we had a fantabulous time with you! we miss you!