Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally, The One About Hair

Thanks to Kori's prompting, here's our hair care post.  I've never done it because as a straight-haired, white mama, I am far from the expert of caring for ethnic hair. We've done research, asked questions and did some good ole' trial and error. As I reconsidered this post, I know I've benefitted from others ideas and hope it can help other curly heads.
The Littles have 3C or 4A (wondering how to identify curl type?) hair type.
Here is what works for us. Our products are all natural (yay!) sold at Target (yay!) and not too pricey (YAY!). Don't order these on Amazon, they cost more, almost double.
We detangle soaking hair, in the tub, twice a week. Our ESSENTIALS for this process are Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner. This works great for co-washes as well.

We detangle with a Tangle Teezer and handle small sections at a time. Caution on this, if you grab too large of chunks, the under hairs will just be smoothed over but still tangled.
After a good detangle, with still wet hair, we use Kinky Curly Curling Custard. This may take a bit of practice. When the hair dries, it should not be crunchy, but if used properly, provides unmatchable definition. Warning on this product, it takes a MINUTE to dry and by minute, I mean a long time.
Shea Moisture is maybe my all-time, all-around favorite. We use this normally for 2nd-4th day hair. We spritz the hair with a spray bottle with just water and then with lightly coated fingers, I section off the hair and coat it as I stretch it up, so it gets a light covering. If there is still some white in the hair, give it a few minutes and it will soak in for a deep hydration. This provides moisture, shine and curl.
Every product from Shea Moisture we have tried, we have loved and because the products don't contain anything artificial, parabens, beeswax, etc, they mix well.  Kinky Curly usually doesn't mesh with other products but these two combine.
As much as possible, keep those gorgeous curls away from everything until it dries.
Especially helmets. :)
And just for the sake of speaking some truth and blessing you with pure genius, I have to post this again:


Kori said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going to go and look for these products right away! I do have one more question: we often experience the dreadful flat hair after sitting in the carseat which can easily be fluffed out with my fingers, but what do you do to prevent "bed hair"?

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"Re-routing traffic for motherhood"

Jon y Amy said...


We use satin pillowcases, and have a carseat satin cover. This helps a lot. Then I just stretch it with my fingers. Kinky curly has a good second day spritz that works most of the time. Sometimes if it is really bad, I just rewet it and cream it again. :)

Kori said...

Here are the results of our first attempt!


Thank you again,


Tonya said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I started using your "2nd-4th day" routine with Shea Moisture on my own hair and I absolutely love it. Do you mind if I reference your blog on mine?? hisplanforourfamily.blogspot.com