Monday, November 5, 2012


Here in North Carolina, we are feeling your prayers.  Thank you.  It has been going really well and we’ll write more on this soon.  Our only downside is 3 sessions of vaccines (two complete already!).

We are a bit late to the whole debuting our costumed kiddos to the world. :)

The Littles were a not feeling great and so our visiting was cut short. Here are a few gems captured.

Trick or Treating 011

Lots of head swiveling because of their earrings.

Trick or Treating 019

After one house, The Littles decided the bling had to go. They haven’t yet learned that beauty is pain.

Trick or Treating 029 

Trick or Treating 040

What’s better than dressing up and getting candy?

Not much.

Trick or Treating 049

The princesses ditched the tiaras in favor of party hats. 


Britni said...

The evolution of the costumes from house to house is too cute! Love your little princesses, and praying for you guys always!

Justin & Sarah said...

Oh Amy! They look so cute. Their faces are changing! They look so much older in these pictures!

Kristen Hoerr said...

I agree w/ Sarah- they look so much older! Crazy!! I read this post last night and then had a dream that I was getting ready for some event and could not find my tiara with purple feathers... Crisis. :) Is it appropriate to be 30 and wear a tiara?

Anonymous said...

Wow, such beautiful little treasures. :)

Be blessed!

smw said...

so cute. and i'm so glad things are going well there!