Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just a Snap

With almost a week under our belt, SIMGo, our training, has been a huge blessing. Your prayers are felt and appreciated.

Trick or Treating 055

Our road trip was exactly 12 hours and went exceptionally well. 

We arrived and met our family for the next few weeks. It’s quite the experience, to meet people from all over the USA with varied passions and talents, all preparing to be commissioned in different directions.  We all live together, with our own bedroom/bathroom and shared kitchen and living areas.

SIMGo 051

The 21 adults are in classes and meetings each day, while the kids are involved in the SIMKids House. The Littles eat every meal with us as we can pick them up between classes. Though they have done amazingly well, by the time we go to get to have them with us, they are ornery! See Exhibit A below.

SIMGo 043 

I have been a bit haphazard in losing most everything. “Has anyone seen my keys? Where is Little J’s coat? Oh no, I lost my wallet!” Yes, learning more about humility. :)

We have had a few other minor incidents but God has provided. Little A may have stuck a bead up her nose…Okay, she did, but I didn’t freak out because I have never lived with 1 surgeon, 3 doctors, a nurse practitioner and two nurses before.

And then there was the moment with Little J in the tub (water running) and Jon and I were locked out of the room. Little A sat crying on the floor, fully unclothed.

SIMGo 040

“Little A, can you bring me Mama’s bag?” After some chocolate bribery and a quick call for another key, all was fine. Funny story. Now. 

We have some free time every day although spending quality time with the girls, hanging out with the cool people we are living with, and working on assigned projects, time flies!


Anonymous said...

Mary K.

Susie said...

Hi Amy, I am a wife and mum of three in Australia and I am enjoying reading your blog as we are going through a similar time at the moment. We have just finished our 6 months training (like what you are doing now) and are heading to Suva, Fiji in January. I pray for you amidst all the changes and can relate to all the comments you write about time with family being bittersweet etc.. So many emotions! Anyway, you guys are in my prayers and I look forward to hearing how God uses you in your big adventure.
Susie Wright(I have a blog called Five In Fiji)

Heidi said...

too funny!! So the same thing happened to us with Kate she locked herself in the dorm room while visiting her .. kind of scary at the time but funny now! Praying for you all! We are going to still give support just have to wait until Jan to do so .. just wanted to let you know! love u guys and your sweet family

Christen Leigh said...

Oh man!! Looks like you've had some funny memories already! Been thinking of you guys a lot! :)

smw said...

this sure makes it sound like you are having a ball! i'm sure it's not so jovial every moment, but glad that you are able to enjoy it!

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Sounds a lot like MTI (Missions Training International)! Hope it's a great learning experience and preparation for the field. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

T and M said...

T & I have always wondered what it'd be like to live in a christian commune, and that's what the picture of all the people in the living area made me think of ( : Hope all is going well.