Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Pink Costumes

The Littles celebrated their 3rd birthday while in North Carolina.

Leading up to their birthday, I would ask what they wanted as a gift. “A pink costume”

Not too difficult to find the perfect combination of pinks, frills and sparkles.

Before we left, I felt disappointed we wouldn’t be with family and friends on their birthday. I shouldn’t have feared, by the time the magical day arrived, we had made so many deep friendships. :)

Simgo 3 310

The Littles opened gifts from their friends.

Simgo 3 311 

Our kitchenmates, Joel, Hannah and Esther started out the morning with more gifts!

Simgo 3 347

In the Kids’ House, the girls spent all morning decorating cupcakes for lunch and having a tea party!

Simgo 3 336

A very girly birthday party at lunch. Jon was declared “king” and I was “queen”.

Simgo 3 358

Very different styles to blow at the candles.  Neither one super-effective. :)

Simgo 3 407

On a full sugar high…”Look at my pink tongue!”

Simgo 3 412

A different birthday then ever before, but oh, so good. :)

I am sure you will be seeing those pink costumes again.


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girls!!!

smw said...

so cute. neat that it could be a special day in a new way.