Friday, November 16, 2012

SIMKids’ House

An amazing blessing of being part of the SIM family is the member care department and the MK’s member care. While we have been at training, every day The Littles have gone to the SIMKids House where they have been with 3 other girls (ages 3-5).  These three are also heading to Africa with their families.

SIMGo 4 276

Very intentional lessons are taught and The Littles and friends have been daily learning about the world, other cultures and world missions. 

SIMGo 2 439

One day, we arrived to pick up The Littles for lunch, “Okay girls, let’s go to lunch!” to which Little A responded, “No Mama, let’s go to Africa!”

SIMGo 2 457

Jon and The Littles running to lunch.

Their crafts often include African themed items, like this necklace.

Simgo 3 438 

Charlotte is also heading to Ethiopia about the same time as us (though we will be 13 hours away). As they bonded through living together for two weeks, they would have conversations about living in Ethiopia. I heard Charlotte tell the girls, “Maybe we’ll see each other in Ethiopia, let’s fly on the same plane and sit together!”

Strides have been made to “normalize” the future. 


At the Ethiopian restuarant, Charlotte convinced The Littles to try the food. “Okay girls, it looks slimy, but it’s not! You will love it!”.

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Justin & Sarah said...

Wow! What a great way to help prepare the Littles for the changes ahead of them!! :)