Tuesday, February 26, 2013


While in Colorado, The Littles had a growth spurt and were too tall for everything I had packed in their size.

MTI Jess and Matt's 003

They have little waists and it is hard to find pants (that aren’t leggings) that fit them at the waist (even with the cinched waist).  What brands have worked for your tall and lean kiddos?

However, they had not outgrown this…


Don’t know how much longer the “spider swing” can last!


Sandra said...

I have not had issues yet with a girl....but for my very sting bean boys who are tall yet no waist...I have to get SLIM!! Even the cinch waist doesn't work on my kiddos. Strangly enough the slims come with a cinch waist and depending on brands...I have to use the cinch waist on slims a bit too.
Love the "spider swing". Showed Elijah that picture and without even reading anything you wrote he said "they look like a spider" :).
PS. Children's place is where I find slims, but you have to order online(so I always watch for free shipping:)).

Q said...

All of my children have had this same issue - they obviously have more of Andy's genes in this area:) Children's Place has been a great place to shop - especially with the slim sizes. JCPenney's carries slim sizes too. None of my girls liked belts - so that was never an option. I know leggings aren't always appropriate but at times they are the most practical. Plus if they begin to go too short they can look like capri leggings - BONUS!

Justin & Sarah said...

The Osh Kosh outlet/brand are the ONLY pants that fit Hudson's little waist, and that he will actually agree to wear. He does have a couple pairs of jeans from Crazy Eight that fit well. Everything still needs to have an adjustable waist band though.