Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When The Daddies Are Away

…the moms and  kiddos play. :)  Jon has done a lion share of the parenting here and it has been such a blessing. Something in The Littles spending time with him grow their security and calm them. 

Colorado is full of adventure and Jon’s been able to get some great experiences.


Mountain biking? Go ahead and do that with as a guys’ trip. He said it was amazing and terrifying, one wreck that left him scraped and bruised.

And the next weekend, taking advantage of the snow…

MTI Skiing 123

…described by the men as amazing, fresh powder.

So Liv and I have had a chance to do fun things with the kiddos.

MTI Whit's End 326

Saturday morning donuts with Obie in Pajamas and The Littles in princess garb.

MTI Whit's End 339

My childhood dream was realized by exploring Focus on the Family’s Whit’s End. Too bad The Littles have no nostalgia about Whit’s End. Liv and I had enough memories for us all.

MTI Whit's End 346

Puppet shows (another family from MTI was there too and rescued The Littles from a slide). Whew!

MTI Whit's End 375

Sweet little Zion

MTI Whit's End 378

Because we were at Whit’s End, I wanted The Littles to experience sundaes. They were delighted by their sundaes and Obie…

MTI Whit's End 380

…was devastated. He felt his milkshake was not comparable.

 MTI Whit's End 390


Joy said...

Is that Jess in the background in one of our pics?!?! If so, how cool!! Haven't seen her in years!

Sandra said...

to funny......that is exactly what I was going to ask....if Jess is in one of those pictures?
Those guys have had some neat experiences it looks like and the little sure do seem to be enjoying themselves.

leah said...

hilarious--i was going to say the same thing! awesome that you guys could connect with jess! :) and wahoo for whits end!

Mindy said...

Love the last series of pics with the ice cream! So sweet!

Jon y Amy said...

Yes, you are right! You spotted Jess, I was going to wait for that as a surprise when I got a fun picture of us together!

It is so fun to be able to call her up and hang out!

Q said...

So glad you are enjoying Colorado. I am loving the Little's hair-dos as well. God bless you!