Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pictures Into Prayers

Do you ever feel torn about what to do with old Christmas cards or lack the space to display them?  Genius idea here, thanks Aunt Jill!

Use a hole punch and buy these rings at Walmart and waa-laa, a nice photo book.

For Sale 419

We have been looking for a methodical way to pray for our supporters as well, so each morning, The Littles and I pray through three pictures. We do not have a picture for everyone so we will have to do some supplementing.

In meeting many new friends, we made another prayer book for missionary prayer cards. Same idea for less pictures, just smaller rings.

For Sale 424

This is as DIY as I get. Be impressed. Very impressed. ;)


Danielle said...

I was trying to figure out a way to take pictures with me and thinking that a photo album would take up too much suitcase space! The rings are genius, make sure you tell your Aunt Jill thank you!!

Sandra said...

good idea. You could even laminate those missionary cards to keep them longer:).
Might just do this with my christmas cards that, just today I thought, I should take off my walls:) is march soon!!

Mama Mimi said...

I love that idea! The only reason I didn't do it this year is b/c my OCD would flare up with them not all being the same size, lol! I think I need to smash book them =)

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Kyle and Trish said...

great idea, I totally want to do this now.

J and A said...

Such a good idea! As it is, they make it into our prayers often because the boys love running around with them and bringing them to the table before mealtime, but it'd be nice to have them all together!