Friday, February 1, 2013

What To Say…

it’s been harder than I thought to be consistent with blog and e-mail.  We just wrapped up week 2 and whereas I would say week 1 was deconstructing of self, week 2 has been…filleting. In the best possible way.  MTI has been like a pressure cooker of life lessons and we are so thankful for what we are learning here.

The Littles are doing wonderfully, loving their classes and have even learned to like community naps. Praise God.

MTI2 385

I don’t know how to describe a fraction of what we are learning. Here are a few things…

-God is God, God is Faithful, God is Good.

-Grief is the antidote to depression.

-The Lord created the Sabbath for His creation as a gift.

To give a brief example of the community we are experiencing, this weekend, we are individually meeting with each member of our growth group for “the talk” in which we share strengths we are thankful for and confront weaknesses in the individual’s life. 

MTI2 408

Knowing that most of the group leaves next Friday already makes my heart ache and rejoice at my brothers and sisters going far and wide, knowing we will probably not see each other again until heaven.

Okay, next post will be light and fun and I won’t wait a week!


smw said...

this sounds SO hard. i'm glad you are finding it good, too!!

Anonymous said...

"Grief is the antidote for depression" Wow, I really like that! It makes grief sound so positive. Missing all of you, Mom

Sarah said...

oh this brings tears. wow. thanks for the realness

Lisa Stucky said...

I am actively looking for moms who are passionate about orphan care.
We are hosting our 1st annual Embracing Orphans retreat here in Colorado -- April 5-7.

I'm looking for moms who will tell others about it - and maybe even attend, if finances allow.

The website is up.

Would you be willing to tell the adoptive moms you know about it?
I'd be super grateful!