Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anything But Boring...

I’m a compulsory confessor. Here’s my confession for the day. We are having a really hard time with The Littles right now. Pray for all the Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) you know. This is not easy business. Parenting never is I guess. 

IMG 9050

Life has been far from boring. We attended an international school’s field day. Jon ran in the daddy daughter race. It was so fun to see all these dads hauling their daughters.

They didn’t win but him convincing the girls this was a good idea was a win in my book. 

Multiple men carried two children, a few carried three but what do you do if you have four daughters?

IMG 9057

No problem. The baby in the very back is 8 months old. The oldest daughter is wearing her in a pack. 

IMG 9077

And by God’s grace. These two are going to be healed.

IMG 9083

Jon passes down the long tradition of pie making from his family.

IMG 9093




Mindy said...

Praying for the girls and praying for wisdom for you and Jon as you parent them. *hugs*

leah said...

praying for you guys and your sweet family!

and LOVE those daddy-daughter race picture -- what a hoot!

Christen Leigh said...

Been praying for you all and will continue! Their hair is so darling, by the way! I love the braided up-dos! :)