Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crashing The Party

When I think graduation party, the first word I associate is “cake”. 

We had three graduation parties one on weekend. Two we were invited to and one, we had an obligatory detour. On an extremely muddy path, we were pulled into an obvious party. We sat down in the dark hut and after our eyes adjusted, realized we recognized no one, not even the graduate. Our culture here is so hospitable, no one was annoyed that we were there.

IMG 3175

Plates were brought and injera was served to us. Some food (which we couldn’t see) was dished up on plates and we started eating. I really, really like to be able to see what is going in my mouth. Being the very sweet mother I am, I gorsha’ed (put a bite in her mouth) Little A first. After she wasn’t repulsed and I realized what I had done, I felt really bad and then ate myself. We are still unsure of what it was, but it was tasty. (Side note, Injera and anything served on it is eaten with our hands)

Then we recognized Elsabet and her dad.

IMG 3176

We ate as quickly as we could and offered to take pictures for the family to remember the graduation.

IMG 3179

IMG 3185

And then, we started taking pictures of everyone because we decided it could be our graduation gift to the graduate we didn’t know.

IMG 3186

Then, we were rescued by the mother of the graduate who had actually invited us. She came in, gave us a good exit and whisked us off on more slippery trails to her son’s party.

IMG 3188

The girls were coping well until about this point. :)  It is all about prep for them before we go somewhere, but as so often happens, our best, detailed plans often change and sometimes they flex and other times, they freak. This would fall into the latter category.  The paths were so muddy and Jon and I are not experienced enough to help them through without falling (especially me) and so the girls are often helped along by very loving, well-meaning people and often they take it in stride. Don’t worry, after this picture, we took her back the second we could. 

Stay tuned for graduation party #2. The one we were invited to.

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Sarah said...

My heart goes out to you guys. That flex & freak ordeal is a tough one! These girls are going to grow into amazing women :)