Thursday, August 7, 2014


A longstanding prayer requests is that I could find areas of ministry. It has come fast and abundantly. I was asked by two girls if I could teach them English. After talking with their fathers, we started a small class (3 kids from each family). 

IMG 7877

We usually take a tea break. It gets spilled on me about 73% of the time. The things to learn are exciting and endless!  For example, there is a general held thought that the world is flat. 

IMG 3418

When it is nice, we have been meeting outside, if it is rainy, we move indoors but they are so distracted by being inside a concrete house. This day, I pulled out these to teach tall and short but they were so happy with them, our last 20 minutes, we just played.

IMG 2461

Practicing our A, B, C’s on the side of the house.

These classes have opened up doors. We are often being asked if we could take new students. Through this time, I am holding with two classes (one for youngers, one for olders) but we are prayerfully looking forward to what this should be. The lessons end with a story time and these have been a great way to teach additional material. 

As meeting inside can cause overstimulation and it is now the dreariest of rainy season, I am looking into renovating this structure. You would laugh at my vision for a finished project. I will keep you posted. :)

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 Thanks for praying through this with us!


Sandra said...

Oh how absolutely awesome!! Will pray you continue to get clear direction on these classes. I find this so neat!!!

Joy said...

Awesome Amy! So exciting to see where God leads you in this!

Todd ~ Teresa said...