Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scattering Seeds

We hope to journey back to Injibara tomorrow. Most likely, your Monday night, prayers appreciated. :)


While in Injibara, our neighbor’s field is my daily entertainment. Early one, cold morning, I look out and Yeshua, with four of his kids, are running this pack of animals back and forth across the field. 

IMG 3324

Yeshua’s herd isn’t this big but he said the farmers lend out animals to each other so the process of breaking up clods of soil before planting is expedited.

IMG 3328

The kids helped keep the animals in a pack.

IMG 3343

After the kids and herd left, Yeshua’s planted teft, a staple crop in our area. Teft is a very tiny, gluten-free grain that is used to make injera (a stable food), This method would be called a “broadcasting". It is how most fields in our area are planted.

Unfortunately, the field flooded the next day, he doesn’t seem too worried though.

Now, we sit back and watch the teft grow.


Anonymous said...

What interesting farming practices you observe!

Anonymous said...

Teff not Teft.