Sunday, August 10, 2014


Seedling season is finished and we will be happy to have Jon around more. Jon worked with the 5 F’s project to deliver thousands and thousands of seedlings to neighboring communities, many very rural. Through stuck trucks, rainy days and thorny plants, they maintained an air of festivity.

The seedlings are grown by farmers (actually, mostly women), and include many native plant species. As the land heavily depends on it’s trees and they are rapidly disappearing, some species were nearing extinction. When Mark and Debbie, our team leaders, started the project over 14 years ago, they worked diligently to reproduce these plants that replenish the land and balance the climate and ecosystem and control the massive erosion problem.  When non-indigenous plants are introduced, they can take over the fauna with long term damage to their environment. 

IMG 9083

Many women work as day laborers and are hired. They work in rains and under heavy loads. Whenever we tagged along, it would surprise me how happy they worked. I am sure if I would have carried their loads, you would find me at the chiropractor.

IMG 9095

Hauling loads from the truck to a delivery point

IMG 9099

Loaded unto the truck in crates. (Great plan, Cheryl!)

IMG 9103

Jon drove our minibus to it’s capacity. Tafera, the project director, drove ahead with the seedlings and the truck. I have some good stuck in mud up to the back axles pictures I need to scrounge up. :)

IMG 9160

Many rural communities were very surprised to see a white face and what kid isn’t delighted by the camera phone?

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IMG 3534

One day, a local government sent a dump truck to load for their community.

IMG 3141


IMG 3152

 Seedlings 2014, complete. :)  


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Anonymous said...

Amazing... thanks for sharing. I never tire of those beautiful pictures of scenery, people and smiles. My, how you bless others with your willingness to teach English... Excited to see where that leads... One more thing... love how you guys always seem to Smile!! God bless you guys for allowing HIM to do the amazing things through your willingness to serve! Much love, Heidi C.