Sunday, August 17, 2014

The One Where We Go To A Party With An Invitation

If you missed the previous graduation party post, scroll down and you can catch up. :)

Thanks for those who prayed for our safe travels, we are in Addis Ababa now, stocking up on supplies, going to meetings and then attending a conference.

Onto the second party:

We made it to the next house and realized the two graduates knew each other, they were first cousins.

IMG 3190

IMG 3193

Cutting the round bread is reserved for the person of honor so graduate #1 came over with his cousin to cut the bread. A progressing party.

IMG 3203

With the boys’ grandfather.

IMG 3205

Coffee and pictures later, we were ready to go.

IMG 3221


IMG 3222

IMG 3224

Home again, home again. :)

 Ready for the next party.

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