Friday, September 5, 2014

Jon The LumberJack

One project that Jon is working with here is a sawmill co-op.

IMG 9752

The men have a technical piece of machinery, a woodmizer sawmill. 

Jon has had this long time dream of being a lumberjack, partially because when we were engaged, my sister, challenged Jon’s eating abilities as he couldn’t finish his plate, with this statement, “A lumberjack could do it”.  Welcome to the family, babe. ;)

IMG 3426

So what’s a man to do but almost 7 years later, become a lumberjack?  ;)

IMG 3391

There is so much potential here, from the business and relational aspects. Jon gets to brush up on his mechanical skills as well, he has a manual about as big as a bookshelf. 

IMG 9748

Meregeta, Demelish and Fantahun are the current co-op leadership.



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Kristen Hoerr said...

Ha! So proud of Jon and you are welcome for pushing him to fulfill his potential. :)