Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Year 2007

Before we talk about this New Year, thanks to those who have responded about our previous post. My genius SIL had the idea that I make an online lists to help with management. Thanks Sarah, what a great idea! If you are interested, here is our wish list. Thank you for your consideration!

Onto our New Year celebration!  September 11th is a day remembered by all Americans as a day of tragedy for our country. It is also the day for Ethiopia’s New Year. Today marks the beginning of the year 2007. We have a different calendar, you should google it, it’s fascinating. 

IMG 4037

If someone was here with no calendar access, big holidays are predictable by the amount of live goats and sheep on top of public transport. I have seen up to twenty live animals strapped down as the minibus flies down the road.

The morning started with a trip to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

IMG 9849

There were supposed horse races to happen but it was too muddy and is postponed to a later date. 

IMG 9854

We then went to our friend, Yeshi’s house. Yeshi lives in a town about 30 kilometers away.

IMG 3657

It was our first time meeting Yeshi’s family and we loved it.

IMG 3672

The girls made pretend injera while the other adults ate doro wet (a traditional spicy chicken and egg dish) and drank coffee.

IMG 3660

Grinding the fresh roasted coffee beans. A group of five priests came in with a drum and songs.

IMG 3677

 I am so thankful for this dear friend.

IMG 9888

We walked to a neighbor’s house for the evening meal.

IMG 4049

Here we ate sheep tibs and we had coffee full of spiced butter. Between the “white” meat (the fat is considered a delicious part of the animal) and the butter in my coffee, I decided that food eaten to be culturally appropriate doesn’t count as calories. 

IMG 9891

At 5:00 pm, The Littles were given a Pepsi and a round of coffee. Amazing. 

May your 2007 be full of life (and sleeping kids)!



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