Monday, September 15, 2014

Zero The Hero

I am a homeschool mom. There was a period of my life when I would have choked over those words. Contrary to my previous feelings about this status, it’s kind of awesome. 

Through talking to many other mamas, I realize that starting with two kids at the same level with no smallers crawling over my feet is the ideal beginnings. The girls are four and so school is like this exciting discovery journey…talk to me in a few years. I started this summer and then we took a two week break and then officially had a start date in September. 

The principal of the school is involved when he can. 

IMG 4045

A favorite for the girls and Jon is when he does the “read alouds” in the hammock.

Jon has memories of his principal swooping in as “Zero The Hero” on any day completed ending in zero. So, on our tenth day of school, we had a visitor.

IMG 4058

He handed out candies in the shape of zeros and explained that he came on the tenth day, “1-0” and that he would come back on the 20th, etc, etc. Jon built excitement about school day 100 because it has two zeroes and we will do a big project. Zero the Hero made a hasty exit and then at lunch time, Jon asked the girls to tell them about this hero. The Littles were convinced it was Jon until he told his air-tight alibi and how it couldn’t possibly be him. Their words tumbled out, so excited to tell Jon about our visitor. He checked for comprehension.

Jon: So, why did Zero the Hero come today?

A: Well, yesterday was the holiday and so he couldn’t come then.

Jon: Did he come because it was the 10th day of school?

J&A: blank stares

Jon: What do you get to do on day 100?

J: We will take our cute little lamb and kill and eat it. 

IMG 4059

Yep, they totally got it.




Kristen Hoerr said...

hahahaha. good laugh this morning. I'm pretty sure most school kids here wouldn't land on the "killing a little lamb" option. Love Jon's idea though.

Shari Fiechter said...

I am laughing out loud!

Amber Steffen said...

That's hilarious and super adorable! :)

Mindy said...


J and A said...

How fun to have a "Zero the Hero"! Since we are counting the days til 100 and plan to have a party then, somehow Liam got it confused that his school will have a birthday party and has been telling everyone he talks to about our 100 birthday party and inviting them to it :)

MJgerst said...

That is so funny! Looks like Jon had as much fun as the girls :)

Sarah said...

Great post!!

T and M said...

(from Trent) Jon this is so fun! It's fun to see your personality in action with your girls. love & prayers---tr

Christen Leigh said...

Haha!! This is great!