Wednesday, September 10, 2014



I don’t know how to do this in a non-needy way. I am going to list a few things we would love to have or borrow.

Sign up for it here: Jon and Amy’s Wishlist

English classes are going well.

IMG 3769

Crayon #101 

The first time coloring was more uneventful than the day I decided to teach painting to kids who didn’t know what a paintbrush is.

IMG 4015

So many of you have sent craft and art supplies that our being well-used, by The Littles, our guests just passing through and our neighborhood kids.

Kids’ scissors and crayons are always great

We would like to collect items when we are in the USA for a wedding, our return to Ethiopia in early January 2015


Each class involves a story, Reference post on “What’s A Boat?!”  This experience brought to my attention that a simple flannelgraph set could greatly enhance understanding. Also, any small realistic toys, vehicles, animals, household items, etc

-world map (laminated if possible)


-Small white dry erase boards

-multiple packs of dry erase crayons (we keep losing the lids for our markers!)

-Simple kids books that could enhance English teaching experience

-Very basic coloring books

IMG 4021

-Watercolors (WASHABLE)

-Stickers that depict real life things (animals, vehicles, etc)

IMG 4026

I asked Yenework which sticker she wanted. She smiled and pulled off the background sheet and slapped it on her shirt. When you are three, bigger is always better. 

Back to the USA

As we weren’t planning on being in the USA for a winter in quite some time, we got rid of most of our winter things. As we will be coming back now, to the USA for my brother’s wedding, we are missing some winter wardrobe pieces that I was hoping to borrow.

If anyone has these items and they are willing to lend for three weeks this winter, can you please sign up here?

IMG 3869

Otherwise, my kids may look like this. A combo of dress up clothes, pajamas, too small of shoes and an oversized shirt.

-2 pairs of size 10 girls’ snow boots

-2 nice winter coats girls’ size 5 

-2 winter coats to play in the snow, size 5

-2 pairs of snow pants, also size 5

- girls jeans, size 4 or 5

 -2 car seats for age 5 kids

For Mama to borrow:

-hair straightener and blow dryer

 If you are interested in either lending or sending items, please check out this link

We do have another needs/wants list that is more care package type items, I am not going to post it as I already feel extremely needy posting this, if you are interested, let me know and I will send it to you. :)



Britni said...

Thanks for listing your needs! This helps us feel more involved in your mission :) Your girls' sizes are right between my girls', so I'm going to dig through our winter stuff and see what is listed here that we won't be needing this winter! Glad you are coming back for a few weeks!

Justin & Sarah said...

Hi Amy! Just a suggestion - would you have enough internet access to create your list on It is a free website that would allow you to create a specific wish list, that others can check off as they purchase items for you. This would keep you from getting too much or not enough of one particular item. Just a thought. I have used it in the past to create sign-up lists for supplies needed for a classroom party, and I also use it to create time slots for my piano students. :) Just make sure that you make it "public" or else you have to send personal email invitations which would be a lot of work.

Nichole said...

i find it cute that the only thing you need is a blow dryer and hair straightener :) please don't feel needy, I think many of us love that we can serve you in this tangible way!

Mindy said...

I love Sarah's idea of using the Sign up Genius! If you don't have enough internet to make it, I'd be happy to do it for you! You could send me the list and I'll get it set up for you.

I would like the care package list regardless, if you don't mind e-mailing it to me!