Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meat Day 4

As you read, we celebrated Ethiopian New Year. It is a time of coming together and visiting friends and relatives. It is also one of the three times a year when most local families eat meat. It is not that people wouldn’t like meat more often but it is costly. 

So, on New Year’s Day, many families butcher a sheep. The day following New Years was a Friday, which is a fasting day in which no animal products are consumed. So, we just had a normal day but got a few invites for the weekend. We ate meat again on Saturday.

IMG 9900

It is such a place of honor to be invited into a home and served meat and we were so blessed by it. 

Chunks of bone are passed as well and though we eat everything with our hands, we use injera to scoop it up. When a bone comes, this gets picked up without injera and every morsel of meat or white meat (fat) eaten. Community plates are used and if there is something you don’t want or like, it can be spit or thrown on the floor of the house. Everything gets swept after a meal. 

By our Sunday invite, I was feeling quite nervous about eating 4 day old meat that hadn’t been refrigerated.

IMG 9905

The guard at our house was drying and cleaning the new sheep skin as we left the gate. The girls called it a “meat skin”.

IMG 9909

Here we were served a feast, a meat stew, meat on the bone, hard boiled eggs and Ethiopian cabbage.

IMG 9910

The Littles were so delighted to get their own corn stalk.

IMG 9912

We knew it was eaten as a treat but not how to eat it. This was not how to do it.

IMG 9913

This boy would peel it with is teeth and then hand chunks to the girls and then they sucked all of the sugar until was a stringy pulp.

IMG 9919

They loved it and called it their “sugar stick”.

IMG 9922

IMG 9929

Some of the kids of the house. Their father has passed away.

IMG 9944

Our stomachs were unscathed. :)

And that is the end of our 2007 New Year’s parties.


Sandra said...

Cultural experience for sure. I have to admit my stomach turned as I read this.

Christen Leigh said...

Yah I would have been nervous to eat unrefrigerated meat, too! So glad you are "unscathed". :)

Britni said...

I know that cultural experience isn't what "it's all about" or why you are there, but I've got to say- I envy how many amazing experiences your girls are getting at their young age! I can't wait to watch how God uses this to impact their lives and relationships 10, 30, 50 years down the road!