Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Tutorial, How to Build Your Own Mud House, Mud Stomping Time-Part 3

Did you miss Parts 1 & 2?  As previously explained, there is a push for the countryside people to move into tin-roofed dwellings.

While some men are framing up the window and doors...

IMG 1822

Others prepare for the mud mixing.

IMG 1833

Straw is mixed with the dirt and water and then it is pressed down with horses and human feet. The horses are driven in a circle while men walk behind. Jon took of his shoes to help. The Awi men joked, “We are used to being barefoot, you aren’t. There are sharp things in the mud that will cut your feet. You can’t help. You use your car for us, we will cut our feet for you.” 

And I wish I could post the video we have of this party, such a joyful time.

IMG 1848

The younger men get this job and the older men yell encouragement from the perimeter.

IMG 1856

The roofers are nearly finished with the tin while the mud concoction is stomped to perfection.

IMG 1852

That night, dinner is served again (Jon came home because it was pizza/movie night).

Stay tuned, we are almost done!

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