Sunday, November 16, 2014

Leave the Birthday Banner Up

As I wrangled two toddlers in the grocery store line and some well-meaning person would say, “Cherish these moments, they go by so fast”, I would smile but held my tongue so I didn’t say, “You know, I kind of want these days to be over!” Now, they are 5. F-I-V-E and I get it.

IMG 4653

Do you know how close five is to ten?!?

We’ve had a whole lot of celebrating around here. Five only comes once.

We were keeping a family on the way through, from Addis to their home, 3-4 hours east of us a few days before the girls birthday. So, in the spirit of Third Culture Kids celebrating each moment, we did an early birthday.

IMG 4193

Decorating cupcakes and the kitchen

IMG 4197

Licking out the frosting dishes. We celebrating three birthdays, (our girls and their littlest).

IMG 4189

The weekend before, we had a house full as we celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday and Jon’s birthday and the girls were first introduced to trick candles. This is about the 5th go-around, the perfect reason not to eat cake after a child has blown out the candles.

IMG 4182

 After the party, they left us the trick candles...

Back to the girls’ birthday...

IMG 4280

Our power was out and came on just long enough for me to get the cakes baked…Bur the requested calzone…that is another story which I shall not weep about here. I really, really was wishing for anywhere with take-out.

IMG 4293

But thank goodness the cakes were done!  And we made our house into a “fancy” restaurant because everything is fancy with candlelight.

IMG 4645

Five was such a fun age for trick candles. Funny, every time!

IMG 4327

When you are five, you can cut your own cake.

IMG 4332

Now, the best birthday gift of all, Jon’s parents are coming. Here. We will also be able to do Thanksgiving together as well as our third party and pull those little stubs of trick candles out for one last hurrah. 


Shari Fiechter said...

Thanks for the good descriptions and pictures of all the birthday celebrating! Looks like so much fun!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love this. Happy birthday j & a!!

Kristen Hoerr said...

Fun! Love the trick candles. Seem like a lot more fun for a kid than an adult. :)