Saturday, November 29, 2014

How To Build Your Own Mud House-Tutorial Part 4

HI!  I know many of you are dying to see pictures of our visitors!  We have had a wonderful time and it was especially quality time as we had no internet. :) All six of us are in Bahir Dar right now, spending our last few days with Jon’s parents. I will post something I already had ready…wait for more!  Today, I will double up to finish this mud house tutorial. :)

Did you miss parts 1, 2, and 3? Don’t miss part 3, it’s my favorite!

After the mud is mixed, it’s hauled to the house and spread on the outside. 

IMG 1867

This picture is taken two mornings after all there was were stakes and string, marking the walls.

IMG 1865

A different mud is mixed, this for the interior. At this point, most of the men and women are so tired. The night before, there was a big party with drums, fire, drinking and dancing, in celebration that “Look at the small house Meregata has come from and now look at his beautiful, new, big house.” We were invited to the party but opted for a quiet night at home.

IMG 1880

Mud is spread to cover the interior walls.

IMG 1886

The Littles thought it was a dream come true as they watched adults up to their knees in mud.

IMG 1893

Okay, there you go. Maybe with your new found knowledge, you can start small and maybe build a shed or a playhouse. :)

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wow, this is really amazing!