Monday, November 10, 2014

Adapting Our Traditions

Internet has been a struggle lately. I think we are back (at least for today). :) 

At the SIM Addis Ababa Guesthouse, another mom and I went and talked to all of the guests and asked or begged if they would participate in giving our kids a trick-or-treat experience. If they agreed, we gave them candy. It helped that we just got a big bag of chocolate (thanks Mary Beth!)

IMG 4134

We are studying Egypt so The Littles went as Egyptian princesses. Our friends were some pretty precious cats. 

IMG 4140

Emanuel, from Kenya, was so happy to take part in this cultural experience. :) He thanked me at least three times the next day for letting him help out. 

IMG 4146

It was so sweet, they probably went to 10-15 different doors and everyone graciously received them. They each got a little bag of candy in the end and they were delighted.  Steve, the man behind this door, was missing his 10 grandchildren and he went out and bought more candy, so they got to choose many items from him. :)

As we went to our last door, Charlotte commented, “I’m so tired but I am happy.” :)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! It looks like everyone involved enjoyed it!