Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So, You Want To Build Your Own Mud House?

 After our first house building experience, Jon started with a friend from the ground up. 

Day 1, Morning 1:

Stakes and string marked off the future walls, men poured in from all directions.

IMG 1563

Discussing wall placement

IMG 1590

Sawing logs to frame the house

IMG 1596

Let the walls begin!

IMG 1603

A separate group of men worked in a nearby pasture, peeling the bark and notching the wood.

IMG 1610

Do you see the hut in the background? The closest one is for livestock, the further is the house where the family has been living.

IMG 1631

Many hands make light work.

IMG 1642

Lunch break!

IMG 1645

A few of the many neighbors who came to help

IMG 1647

This sweet woman, Asmarich, is delighted for her new home but also stayed up all night, making injera for this crowd. She was exhausted.

IMG 1658

The father and daughter of the house.

IMG 1670

Placing the ceiling beams. They were notched by the carpenters. Jon is one of the workers at the top.

IMG 1681

The girls and I were served lunch in the hut.

IMG 1685

They thought it was the best thing ever, they love potato wet.

IMG 1696

These women bustled to prepare the next meal..

IMG 1701

The woman on the right is a Mother-in-law. She told me this is a sad time of year as one year ago, her mother and father died, but that she is joyful that her daughter will have a home.

IMG 1699

Does your six year old wield a large, curved knife to peel potatoes?  

Picture overload, I will never have the internet to post all of this, so it just became part 1. Stay tuned. :)


Carol and Doug said...

Thanks for this post, Amy. I was so intrigued by the other one you did on house building and I'm glad to see the various steps as your internet permits.

J and A said...

Thanks for the step-by-step, Amy! Liam loved looking at the pictures and we can't wait for part 2!